Monday, March 30, 2009

A warm welcome into this world.

One of my recent photo shoots was of Ariana, the newest tennant in my building. She is so cute, and she just happened to be in the mood for photographing.

I shot away using my Nikon speed lights (3 in total) and a white seamless paper backdrop. I was cramped for space, so I placed a warm blanket on a prop table, and set two of my speed lights low to the floor, aimed at the paper. Next, I placed one speed light in a softbox, high and to the right of Ariana.
Learning is always the fun part, and here is what I learned. First of all, posing time was very limited. As a newborn she was fussing about, and temperamental. That was a given. Secondly, I knew that I would not have time with her to set and then check my camera settings, and focus for the shots, so a Teddy bear was used. “Use what is available” is what I have always been told.

Once again, welcome Ariana to the world, and Congratulations Ed and Renee!

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