Sunday, August 12, 2012


Wireless flash triggers can make photography a lot more creative, and therefore, a lot more enjoyable. Truth be told, there is only so much that you can do with a flash on top of your camera.

Getting that flash off of your camera, and placing the flash wherever you want it can be exciting! I think your images will improve beyond your wildest dreams, once you start using wireless flash triggers!
Wireless, or remote, flash triggers are usually sold as a "Trigger and slave" set. One transmits a signal (trigger) and one unit receives the signal (receiver). The transmitter attaches to the camera in a couple of ways. One way is to attach a cable from your cameras sync to the transmitter. Another common way is to attach the transmitter to the cameras hot shoe. The hot shoe is where a flash unit usually attaches. The receiver is attached, via cable, to the flash head, or flash, far away from the transmitter.

Here is what to keep in mind as you look to purchase wireless flash triggers.
Battery style.

"AA", or Double A batteries are rechargeable. They are cheaper than almost all other batteries. Wireless flash triggers accept all types and sizes of batteries. Keep in mind that smaller batteries may be easier to carry around in your pockets, but they will cost you a lot more in the long run.  This is not the most important factor when shopping for Wireless flash triggers, but it is up there.

How far away can you be and still make the flash go off? This is a big concern because you want remote capabilities, right? I suppose how remote is the question. Check with what manufactures say on the packages, and then erase that from your memory. They will never produce a flash, over and over, at great distance. I don't care what you read, or what you have seen. The further away you get, the less accurate they will become. Find some that rate very good, at reasonable distances.
How do the Wireless flash triggers fit on your camera?

There is only so much real estate on your camera top. Will your new Wireless flash triggers fit vertically or horizontally? Will your new Wireless flash triggers get in the way? Will you hit your eye with them each time you shoot? This is very crucial, and you need to consider this factor. I have thrown away a set of Wireless flash triggers just because they kept creeping down, into my face.
Can you fire more than one flash from a unit?

Some "slave" units will have a hot sync of some sort built in for passing the triggered flash on. This hot sync is for a second or third flash. So, having one "trigger" and one "Slave" you can fire multiple flashes. Very key in most types of photography. Plus, less slave devices means less remote flash failures. Truth is, they simply will not fire every time, no matter the brand or type of Wireless flash triggers.
What type of sync do they operate with?

Some triggers will have a sync, and some will have a female, mono 1/8th jack. Knowing which chords, chord ends, and adaptors you will want is important. What do your flashes require? That is what you need to convert your Wireless flash triggers to accept.
With that all said, the PocketWizard brand is my all time favorite remote wireless flash trigger period. I have tried a lot of different types and makes of wireless flash triggers, and PocketWizard always out perform, in each category, time and time again. I have accomplished a lot of great photography, and my PocketWizards have never let me down.
Here is what I love, love, love about PocketWizard.

PocketWizard accept AA size batteries. I use this battery to be specific, below, because I only need to purchase them once. Rechargeable batteries make sense, and in a bunch of ways.

PocketWizard are sold as separate pieces, or as transmitter and receiver pieces. PocketWizard are also now sold as transceiver units, which is all in one. These, newer units can transmit or receive, hence the name "transceiver". The preference is yours.
PocketWizards will hold their resale value, and for years to come! There is no other brand that will sell for almost the exact same price that you paid for them. PocketWizard brand will do just that!