Sunday, March 15, 2009

Arizona trip

Hello all, and thanks for standing by as I was absent!

I decided that enough time had elapsed in my life, and I should get serious about meeting my Father. So, I flew out to Arizona and met him and his wonderful wife, and my newly found Step Brother.

What a beautiful state it is, and we had so much to do that it was all just a whirlwind. I quickly figured out that I could drop my camera anywhere I wanted and still take a stunning image.

Everywhere I looked I saw cactus and beauty that I could only try to capture. I only had 24 hours a day in which to shoot, so most of the scenery is still there, waiting for my return, to capture at a later time.

I played in the desert each day, and we all took some fun night photography as the sun went behind the mountains. I learned that “light painting” images can be a fun way of hanging out with family members, and get to know them even better.

I also learned that the gridded snoot that I had made just for this trip worked flawlessly! It fit over my Mag-light flashlight perfectly, and I got some cool stuff without any unwanted light spillage, or “light contamination”.

The bad news is that I flew out with the empty flash trigger, and could not locate the correct battery for it. Next time I will slow down and check things over a little more closely. It was nice that I took all of my flash gear on vacation, even if it didn’t get out that much. The family portraits will have to happen next time I travel out.

When all is said and done, I now feel more centered in this life, and I feel more as a family member than I have ever felt before. Having all of my questions answered, and hearing all about my relatives was the best possible event that I have ever experienced. Plus I got some fun photographs!

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