Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pet portraiture.

On this past Friday I decided to play in the studio, and get to work on my long overdue pet portfolio. For the longest time I have wanted to enter the world of pet portraiture. I have some great ideas, but only own a (scared of her own shadow) cat. Well, after reading some books about posing pets, staging props, ect., I ventured out into a brave new world.

This is Bella the Chihuahua. She belongs to an old friend of mine. She has been in my pet portraiture thoughts since she was born, and the time had finally come. With permission granted, and a quick bath, we were in my studio. I wanted to show the two completely different sides of Bella. The first side of Bella is that she is a complete doll. She is extremely patient, and she will put up with any pose that I ask her to.

Secondly, she runs the household in which she lives. There is no doubt exactly who is in charge, and rules from the throne. Master Bella does.

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