Friday, July 31, 2009

Celina and the Maine bugs.

What a great time we all had on my most recent photo session! Celina was my victim in this case, and she had a ball. She wishes to enter modeling, and I am only happy to help her. We met in a local cemetery, set up some Nikon strobe units, and went to town. The pesky bugs came out too, and I am still itching like crazy! Maine and the blood seeking bugs, go figure!

I set two Nikon SB28 flashes behind an umbrella, just to diffuse the harshness from the flashes a little, and aimed it at the prettiness. I played with two Nikon SB-800 , snooted and gridded, to add back, hair, and/or side lighting.

The laying down image needed less lighting overall. It was mid-day sunshine, so only the two Nikon SB-800’s were used. The sun was almost entirely eliminated, in camera, and the flashes were brought in to light only her face. The two Nikon SB-800 flashes were snooted and gridded, and aimed out from 45 degrees, and six feet away.


Thanks to Celina and her family. Thanks for coming by to visit. Feel free to subscribe by typing in your email up and to the right, in the box!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Before and after

Being way too anxious to show you my images, I neglected to allow a way for you to compare with a before and after viewing of the images that I put up last time. Here are the before and the after images for you all.



As you can see, I first put in a blue sky. The day was overcast, which was perfect! No shadows and such a great natural diffused light. Next I darkened the back ground mountains, and followed up with the second mountain from the front. This gave it some depth. I burned the foreground as well, as to make it less distracting to the eye.

Next, I added some cool and warm hues to the rocks just to add depth as well as lighting details.