Monday, December 29, 2008

Business cards as a photography marketing tool!

Not too long ago I mentioned a great idea that had been handed down to me from a couple of different sources. The idea that filtered down to me is to make up business cards using your client’s favorite image from their photo shoot and then include them with their order at no cost to them. The deal is that you put your best two or three images on the back of the cards with your information for all to see.

That is great as it places my information, as well as a few samples of my work, directly in the hands of potential clients. The client is happy, the potential client is happy, and I am happy.

This particular client is also a friend of mine and I know that they will be very happy to give these cards out to potential clients for us both. They are rather pleased with their images that I took of their family.

We (the photographers) must absorb the cost of the cards out of your mark up from the order, but what is the price that you’d pay for some awesome marketing? The cards I purchased were cheap enough, and I had them made through the same online lab that prints my images. They are also easy enough to design and then upload for printing.

To make the cards up I had to first download a Photoshop template from the online labs’ website. The template makes making the cards a snap! With the template open I simply added a fast change of background color, and then the images were added with a quick drag and drop using layers. Text was typed on to them just as easily too! Before I knew it the cards were done and uploaded!

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