Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dave Hill Rage

Recently I have been seeing a ton of blogs out there that deal with the topic of cool editing tricks.

The “it look” for the times is, without a doubt, the "Dave Hill look” using the Dave Hill technique. Save the link to your favorites so that you can return to it as you learn it and can apply it from memory.

Here is my first attempt at it.

Lots of blogs have been hosting other folks images “all done up” using this cool look. To see what others have been working on, look on Google, under “Dave Hill Technique”, and also look here.
This is a trick that only takes a minute to apply. It could be used as an action in Photoshop except for the eye layer removal part. One can learn this, and get quite good at applying their own version of this look in only a couple of passes!

Please feel free to send me a link or an email with your shots with the Dave Hill Technique added! I will post a few on this blog, for the world to see!! Enjoy and have fun!!!

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