Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summertime, and HDR images.

With the summer season comes so much for us all to do. Slowing it down (or even stopping) every once in a while to smell (or photograph) the flowers is a must.

One image that I took several years ago of wild lupines has done rather well for me in stock image sales. I have not sold a bunch of copies, but it holds the highest sale price recieved out of all of my stock sales. I still ponder about just who purchased it, and where it has ended up. Maybe someday I will notice the image somewhere special.

So, stopping the car and getting out to photograph a field of lupines just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. “Istock images” actually allowed one of these lupine images to be listed, which is getting harder and harder to accomplish. So many folks try to get their flower images listed that “Istock images” has quickly filled up with them, and they have since grown tired of such images.

Lengthy exposures

I spent this past week impersonating a mechanic. The salt that gets spread on the winter roads here in North American sure does a good job at eating away floorboards. After taking the seats and the carpeting out of my car I started to grind away on some metal. I would rather be shooting images.

So, I took some time away from the grinding to do some HDR work. One image is called “Blue Doors” and can be found in the town in which I live. It just begs to be photographed each time I pass by. Cape Porpoise is the location for the second image, which is where I often go to get inspired.

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