Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vintage Hollywood portrait and Secretary shoot.

Not too long ago it was brought to my attention that a friend of mine (Adrien) had a knack for the vintage look. Not only could she pull it off, but she enjoyed dressing up for the “vintage pin up girl” look.

She wanted to capture this vintage feel in some retro-like portraits. I came up with a win/win for us both. If she wanted to get dolled up for the shoot, and sign a model release for stock work, than we could do both portraits and stock images at one time.

First I found this very cool image at Pro Photo Life that Jim Talkington made. It has the look and flair of a retro looking, vintage Hollywood portrait. I liked what he did, so I set out to emulate this look for my friend.

Next, I decided to set up a secretary scene with some props from the same era in time as the look of the model. I envisioned a rebellious young woman sitting at a desk snapping gum and filling her nails instead of working too hard. This idea was what would become my newest stock image idea.

The creative lighting setup that I used will follow this post in the next few days!

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