Saturday, May 15, 2010

Congrats to Denise and Brett.

Think about making the biggest possible final sale before you even shoot!

Recently, I found myself returning to my old haunt of DownEast Maine. I was there (both) attending and shooting a wedding in the warm spring sun. The weather could not have been better, the family could not have been more welcoming. Everything was great. Shooting in the direct sun was a bit troubling, but not impossible.

The point of todays post is that I remembered some great advice as I drove five hours to the wedding. This advice is that we should shoot as if we are trying to make (and sell) the biggest package possible. Portraits are a no-brainer, but what about mail out cards, thank you mailings, wedding albums, ect? Thinking about what you need to make the most possible items is the way that I treat every event that I now photograph.

The only images that we can't sell are the ones that we don't take.

This means paying attention to even the smallest of details, as they will come in handy as backgrounds in albums. Albums that you can now make for the family, and eventualy sell. These details become “faded page overlays”, and run throughout albums and mailings as themes.

Here are some details from this wedding. I am posting these images mostly because they are at every wedding, and observing them will pay off. Plus I just loved the “Dead head” grooms cake.

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