Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting the most out of a week.

Like most bloggers and digital photography geeks, extra time is hard to find. It seems that every time I feel as if I know something about the world of digital image editing, something new comes along with its learning curve attached.

From the outside, looking in, it appears that I often stay home and do very little. However, most of you digital photographers and bloggers know that this is only partly true. While I am at home, I am usually engrossed in online photography tutorials, watching the latest “How to” DVDs, editing a mountain of images, or catching up on the universe that is the blogsphere. This is how I remain a cutting edge kind of guy; well at least that is what I tell myself.

So just how much can a “stay at home, blog crazed photographer” get accomplished in just one week anyway? I try to make the best out of most situations that I find myself getting into. Here is a week in the life.

I am taking images of a friend’s child every 30 days, for her first year of life. A fun “bath time” shoot gave me some fresh new images to edit. With each new photo session comes the possibility of some fresh stock images, and this session was no exception. I downloaded the model releases found on ISTOCK and DREAMSTIME to simplify the upload process, for the first time, and then began uploading a trillion images.

Next, and before I could finish the edit and upload process, a trip up to see my girlfriend (yes, I used the term “girlfriend” if you are reading this) was in store. I decided to visit with my family while in Northern Maine, since I seldom get the chance. My Niece has the cutest little girl (my Great Niece) and a photo shoot was in the works. What a great time I had while in the custody of such warm and fun folks. Once again, I could smell a stock opportunity arising from the fun images that I took.

Since returning to my castle, it is only now that I am free to blog about how swamped I am. I am slowly editing through the images that are back logged, key wording stock images till my death, and all the while missing on my girlfriend. I am under paid and under appreciated, a fact that all “stay at home, blog crazed photographers” are well aware of.

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