Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nikons MC-30 remote trigger

Sometimes I am amazed with an image that I have taken. Too often, though, I am not. Talking about the ladder of the two, I have been frustrated as of late.
NIKON MC30 Remote Cable Release

It seems that my flare is for taking long exposures, and often using torches in order to only light certain parts of an image. Point is that I have had to come up with creative ways in which to hold the shutter open. Believe me, as often times money is very tight, and gadgets come later.

Macro photography also shows any camera shake in the final image, so something had to be done to remove even the smallest of jolts to the camera. NIKON MC30 Remote Cable Release

Well, I used to go to such lengths as using electrical tape and small stones in order to hold down the shutter release button. I have switched the stones out with such items as wire nuts and coins, all to the same results….Bad. Plus, in cold weather, you can forget the electrical tape doing its job. Lastly, doing this redneck fix causes camera shake, no matter how much I tried to prevent it. Looking back, I can’t believe that I actually did this, let alone tell you all that I did.

With money as tight as it is, I was happy to find a solution to my troubles for as little as I did. The NIKON MC30 Remote Cable Release  sells for fewer than 100 bucks, and even cheaper than that on EBAY.

This little gadget simply screws into the front of my D-200, in the 10 pin remote terminal, and that is that. The NIKON MC30 Remote Cable Release  then takes over the operation of the cameras shutter release button. This little and wonderful device even focuses as you depress the NIKON MC30 Remote Cable Release  button half way down. Pressing it all the way down releases the shutter, remotely, and snaps the picture.

Perhaps the best feature of the NIKON MC30 Remote Cable Release  is that it has a simple to use lock on it, in order to keep the shutter open as long as you want it to remain open. This will completely remove all camera shake from the remainder of my long exposure career.

To sum up the NIKON MC30 Remote Cable Release , I would say that it is just the perfect size and weight. It feels good in your hand, and it is straight forward in its use. If you do not have one in your gear bag, get one. This will only improve your macro game as well as your long exposures.

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